The Truth About Your Weight Loss & What To Do About It! Chapters 3 – Weight Loss Truths

Weight Loss Truths

If you haven’t seen the 1st installment of this real life TRUTH about your Weight Loss Blog check it out here (The Truth About Your Weight Loss) Weight Loss Truths …..

CHAPTER 3 – YOUR PLAN – Weight Loss Truths

Beginners – People who have not exercised before, start with once a week – do an extra 15 minutes of exercise (walking, jogging, home Fitness DVD…).

If you know your fitness level and you do fitness then do it – exactly the same as you have been..

Do this for 2 weeks …easy isn’t it? But did you do it?…any excuses..?

IF you did it ………….IF You really did it!

Do 15 minutes extra twice a week now for another 2 weeks (so by the end of this you will have 4 weeks under your belt) and I bet you some of you has dropped off!?!?

Next step – up your minutes. That’s right do more twice a week. Personally I think 30minutes  a session is plenty but that’s just my theory.. If you push yourself hard then you will see things happen…BUT not for a good few weeks more! Actually.. try MONTHS even. Again let’s be honest about things here. If you want it then you will get it BUT you must do it constantly..

**REMEMBER this is only an example – put this into your own workout scenario and level.**


CHAPTER 4 – Getting into the specifics – Your weight loss / fitness Journey.

Weight Loss Truths

PLAN your weight loss / fitness goal.

I don’t mean sit down and spend hours. What I mean is give yourself time and map it out. What are you going to do next week..the week after. What meals are you going to make? Have you got the right food stuffs in your house for it?

It will take 4-5 months at least before you really see change happen – and that is no joke…it’s reality! Weight loss / Healthy Living is a life choice that changes over time.


You want to see change and keep and STAY CHANGED right?

Follow these rules and I promise you this will happen. 

IN FACT I give you my word and a 100% guarantee this!

Weigh yourself – not every day but once every 3-4 weeks. I want you to see difference in your body – not on the scales – however weighing is effective if you have a lot of weight to shift.
Look at yourself in the mirror. BUT this time take time and really look at the shape of your body. This is so important because you need to change happen and you won’t if you don’t analyse the thing you are about to change FOREVER.

TO be continued –

And you have a lot to get on with so by the time we launch the follow up to this blog, if you haven’t made a start then forget reading on! Honesty remember is the key here. Change your mindset and change your body!

Check back in a week – The truth about your weight loss – Also If you want to recap on the first Blog then here it is The Truth About Your Weight Loss 1


Take a look at a few little Tracker Tools that you can definitely get to start the Journey the right way. Weight Loss Countdown plaques are great for giving you the visual push you need to lose weight.

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