Things you forget about having a new baby. Mummy versus Daddy

Having a new baby……

Or just had a new baby…? Then you will empathise when reading on..

We wrote this from the experience of both the ‘daddy’ and the ‘mummy’.  This is what we are actually going through and the thoughts and feelings we are having at the time of writing….

Let’s see how the experiences differ from one to the other.

Daddy’s Experience

2015-03-15 14.11.12

You forget:

  • They are in control of time… You just have to wait until they have fed enough, have been changed, fed again and so on.
  • How unpredictable babies are. One night they will feed and sleep perfectly without a whimper, then the next night comes a big bout of wind and they are up all night. Even though I am not feeding Remi, I am up early in the morning with Eddison and taking Heavanie to College at 7am in the morning. That topped with the broken sleep (see below) adds for a recipe of tired eyes!
  • How to hold them.. they are so fragile and even after having Eddison who is now Two, I completely forgot and  was anxious about holding Remi for the first few times.
  • How tired you feel because of the broken nights sleep. Even as the man without responsibility  of Breast feeding, the first 3 weeks are filled with broken moments of sleep. Our 2 year old is in bed with us nearly every night at some point and Remi cluster feeds like I have never seen before! This baby loves to eat.
  • Now to add to that I do a bottle feed at around 3am to help Sam and to get Remi into the swing of feeding from the bottle. Oh and because I want to! I think it’s important if the man can help  in any way possible.

Tip – at around 3-4 weeks introduce 1 bottle of Breast or formula milk. This can ease the transition onto the bottle later on.

  • Finally the thing we all forget is the amount of time that it now takes us to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE….I remember my friend Rich saying..”Gone are the days when you can turn around to your friend, Fiance and say, fancy nipping out for a bit…!”. It takes forever to get them ready, then…oops they have pooed = change nappy quickly followed by ‘hunger! So you feed them. But it doesn’t stop there because you then wind them and put them on the other boob for some more goodness.. While this is happening, I am keeping Eddison entertained out in the garden , playing the waiting game.

Mummy who Breast Feeds experience

2015-05-07 12.19.36

You forget:

  • That you must pack spare clothes for baby plus lots of nappies
  • How much babies poo
  • How much breastfeeding hurts initially yet you carry on because you love doing it
  • That you feel jet lagged everyday due to lack of/no sleep!
  • How 3 hrs sleep can feel like a full nights sleep
  • That getting out of the house can take hours
  • That sometimes it would be nice to live closer to family for some help – especially now we have a 2year old and a 5 week old.
  • Having a 5 minute shower is luxury, washing your hair is like a spa day, drying and styling your hair..unheard of!
  • Eating because you nearly passed out from forgetting or not being able to get up (from breastfeeding) to eat.
  • That someone asking how you feel and offering to make you toast and tea, or even just a glass of water is very much appreciated.
  • How you can love another person so much when you have 3 other people that you love with all your heart!
  • Wanting to slap anyone that tells you they are tired or what a great sleep they had..


2015-05-13 20.13.21


Hats off to you! How tired must you be feeling if I am exhausted too. I think I need to pick up on Sams point about the tea and toast and start watching and making sure she eats more / enough. I didn’t realise.

So if you are expecting again or for the first time….get ready for the rollercoaster ride like no other and don’t think that it will be the same as your first / last experience because it might not be… Check out my other blog on my experience of the pregnancy and labour.

no two pregnancies are the same pic long

Signing out for now, Kevin…


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  1. Mummy's Blog
    Mummy's Blog says:

    I only have one, but just today I was looking at newborn photos and realising I have forgotten half of it! Although I have to say, it still takes me ages to get out of the house and my daughter is 14 months! x


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