The Truth About Your Weight Loss & What To Do About It! Chapters 1 + 2

The truth about your weight loss

Overview sections in the following blogs

Chapter 1 Preparation is key
Chapter 2 EXERCISE – you know you should but do you?
Chapter 3 – YOUR PLAN
Chapter 4 – PLAN Your weight loss / fitness goal.
Chapter 5 – Right…. lets start doing!
Chapter 6 – A little but about food (just a little)

Conclusion to your Journey!

Acknowledgements and other bits and bobs


The aim of this Guide is to make you question what you currently do and what you can do to lose weight.
The basic truth of it is that no one can do it for you, it has to be you that makes that mental shift and puts the wheels in motion permanently.
Follow each chapter and do the work. You will need to do additional research on specific exercises you can do and need to do, but follow the steps and DO IT PROPERLY and you WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

CHAPTER 1 – Preparation is Key

Starting out with your Weight Loss Plan requires the following:

Honesty and Consistency

Reality check 1 – if you are not consistent you WILL NOT Lose the weight.
Follow the first checklist and take your time when writing down the information, and YES, write it down and store it in a safe place that you will check and monitor, daily and weekly.

ACTION 1 – The truth about your weight loss

Take a photo in your underwear.. FRONT ON, SIDE ON, BACK SIDE, of your UPPER BODY CLOSE UP and LOWER BODY CLOSE UP and keep it ..

Choose your end goal and be specific about it. e.g. drop a dress size, reduce your weight.

It needs to be specific or it just won’t happen

If you are not realistic then you will quit quicker!

ACTION 2 – The truth about your weight loss

[Look at your pics every month – ONCE ONLY! Have you improved.. What needs work?]

If you are using a fitness tracker ( Fitbit, Fuel Band, MOVband etc.) then get your baseline measurements. If not STILL write down your START POINT I.E. what do you normally do in a day / week? Once you have this you can then look to increase the MOVement by 10% each week.

The key here is to improve month on month…fitbit

NOT week on week.

You need to think of this as a long term PERMANENT PLAN.


CHAPTER 2 – EXERCISE – you know you should, but do you?

How often should you exercise ?

Let’s take this seriously and imagine that we are going to do this! You Will Reach Your Goal.


Start small!! if you don’t you will fail! If you do you might succeed?

For me the way to lose the weight is to (bluntly) move more than you are currently.

Be truthful. Grab a pen and a piece of paper OR open a notepad on your phone and write down exactly what you do each day.

Monitor it for a week or two then keep that data (information) ready for the next chapter.

After you have your baseline results, pick a day, time and hour that you will add to movement wise.

Begin by doing 1 more thing that you normally would do weekly… 1 more training session. 1 more workout. Increase gradually.. do a small workout session, a 15 minute session. I know.. You are thinking what!! But the fact is if you can do this extra session and maintain this you MIGHT succeed..!

Now I can’t help you with the what’s and specifics because that is another Guide that we need to get into… You are all at different stages and it’s individual the person what exercise they do, but I can show you how to put yourself into a better position for success.

TO be continued –

And you have a lot to get on with so by the time we launch the follow up to this blog, if you haven’t made a start then forget reading on! Honesty remember is the key here. Change your mindset and change your body!


Check back in a week – The truth about your weight loss


Take a look at a few little Tracker Tools that you can definitely get to start the Journey the right way. Weight Loss Countdown plaques are great for giving you the visual push you need to lose weight.

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