4 Tips to Lose Weight in 2015


Why do the majority of people trying to lose weight fail before they reach the 12 week mark?

Why is it that these DIETS people go on just don’t work long term?..Be honest with yourself here, have you been on a diet and is the weight and shape of your body changed for good???? I would love to guess your answer.

This blog sets out to give you four Tips, and honest tips at that, on what you MUST DO to stand a chance at prolonged weight loss and not the norm of the 4 week attempt and then the ultimate return to ‘normality’

“You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.” ~Les Brown

number1If you don’t Move you won’t lose!

You must get your heart raised and maintain this for 20-30 minutes x3 per week. Putting it simply Get Up and Do something… Remember to follow the guidelines for starting your weight Loss program in my previous blog – This ensures that you don’t burn out after week 2!


The basics behind this ‘Movement and heart raising activity’, is to start raising your metabolism and BURNING OFF THE FOOD that you have in your body. Calories!


2-graphicNumber 2 in my ‘4 Tips to Lose Weight’ Blog


This WILL NOT happen over night and until you get this into your head – IT WON’T HAPPEN. Have a look at my previous blog about how to make it happen but the fact is that it’s should be a change of Life not a short term fix to shred the pounds.

E.G. My Girls in my class have a 6 month plan to reach their targets… This is more realistic.

You really want to change the shape of your body? DO it properly.

photoNumber 3 in my ‘4 Tips to Lose Weight’ Blog is…..

Don’t Keep checking the scales!

Now you may agree with this or not but from experience, the majority of people who go to these Weight Loss programs and check in weekly (paying to do so) etc.  Do not (EVER) see long term change! 99.99999% – Maybe a bit less of those individuals repeatedly RETURN for another Go after the weight has returned. Please prove me wrong if you disagree with me ….

I don’t care if you want to look at the scales but do it Periodically. My MAIN TIPS ARE:

  1. Look in the mirror – Assess the visual Change you see. Strip of to your underwear and LOOK!

  2. Think about how you feel as you continue through your HEALTHY EATING AND EXERCISE PROGRAM

4 The final tip in this 4 Tips to Lose Weight Blog is:

Use a Visual MOTIVATOR

What I mean by this is in order for you to SET GOALS you really need to SEE the results happen on an ongoing basis!. Some people use things like Tracking watches (Accelerometers).  These do cost money so my recommendation is Start the journey and IF you stay on it then look for these Motivators to continue with (Don’t buy straight away).

Screenshot 2015-01-17 12.35.11

Check out Nike Fuel Band at their Store

The way you can start is to get yourself a Countdown Plaque which hangs on the wall or attaches to the FRIDGE. Use this to mark down the LBS LOST and to visually see how far away you are to reaching your goal.

Screenshot 2015-01-17 12.48.04


 If you missed out on my last blog ‘5 Ways to Lose Weight and KEEP IT OFF! Have a read IF you are ready to change?…..


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