Look who’s Talking now

How do you….


without stopping,

every morning,

afternoon and evening,

talk to someone who does not talk back to you?…

They don’t answer your questions, give opinions or even just say yes or no.

Babies… Look who's talking blog post

That’s who I am talking about and who ironically, we really need to talk to as much as possible. However, a number of mums and dads find this uncomfortable and difficult to do so don’t do it often enough in the early stages.

I myself found it so so hard to open a conversation with my baby boy, and moreover… finish it (myself) with the response I thought he might have said. If it wasn’t for Sam (mummy) who naturally talked away in a calm voice morning, noon and night as if Eddison was having a conversation back,  I would not be here writing this blog…. I wouldn’t have had a clue that this ‘talking to your baby’ was such a BIG DEAL!

But,there are reasons why us mums and dads need to converse with our young ones.

Talking to your child:

“helps him learn to talk, as it is from listening to your voice that he will learn to use language.” 

Taken from

Your child learns to talk because you talk and they begin to understand that this is how to communicate to get things that they want quicker :)

This blog sets out to give you readers some helpful tips to opening conversations and giving your child the best possible start in their educational journey through language and learning. It’s what I taught myself to do when Eddison was born and the bond we now have is unimaginable. Hopefully the information will allow you to go away and practice ‘how to talk to your baby daddy’. Have a wee read on…..

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Imagine they can talk back – think about what you would be talking about if they were able to discuss things with you

Understand from the start that everything they are experiencing is for the FIRST TIME. This helped me because I found myself giving a running commentary of the event that was happening. Here’s an example:

“Eddison , let’s go and water the plants. Right, first we need to fill the bucket (point to the bucket) up with water. So let’s walk in the bathroom and turn on the tap………… Can you help me? Watch me, put your watering can into to he bucket. Fill it up… Let them try.. Get them to copy you.. Pour the water onto the plants.. Let him copy or help him do it.. “

I repeat this every day! Which leads on to my next point…

Repeat repeat repeat everything you talk to them about, show them, do with them. Remember ‘this is the FIRST TIME they are experiencing these aspects of life’. And, just like a footballer must practice his or her shooting skills, so to does your wee one….next..

This might be obvious but think about what they need to know . They have not done this before they need to learn don’t they? You did didn’t you… So who taught you? Adults via Verbal Communication.

Listen to them and copy the noises that they make ..  Watch this YouTube clip  … Had me laughing out loud.

Read to them.. When I first started, it felt as though they weren’t paying attention but that’s not the point. Over time they subconsiously learn to listen, they learn the words and moreover they want to know more.


“Focus on interactions between you and your baby, don’t always make it about the toys.” When your baby “talks” to you, answer back. Imitate and repeat the sounds she makes, pause so she can respond–and you’ll be having a “conversation” in no time.”

(Taken from Just the Facts Baby Blog  See article here


Practice practice practice ‘how to talk to your baby daddy’. It’s too important!

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