1st Crafts Blog Post! 1st time blogging! 1st time running a family business!

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my crafts blog.  Well I say that, but this will be much more than that if i’m honest. We will have blogs on Daddy Advice when bringing up children / Food for the Family and more.. However, I must say 4 words from the very off… “I am very nervous!”. Not sure why, but writing and me does not always go – However talking does, so this blog will be me ‘talking’ about the days in the life of Blog post imageWe are Kevin and Sam who started the ‘now’ company back in February 2014 by complete chance. I’ll get to the what happened in a wee bit, but first..

I am a former PE teacher who still does a few days a month ‘Supply Teaching’ in Primary and Secondary Schools to keep my hand in and earn some extra money.  Also worth noting, a wee sideline I have done for years is teaching fitness classes –  like boot camp, body combat and body pump. I do love it and it will always be a passion of mine.

In fact, I recently started a buggy club for mums at a local Children’s Centre. This gives me time with Eddison (my 16month old son) and involves music exercise and the kids running around daft.

buggy club picture  - Blog post 1

Sam my other half (the better half) has worked in the health business as well, in Administration for years and stopped just over a year ago when she had Eddison. Sam is the logical one out of the two of us. I am the scatty one who thinks and thinks and thinks of new ideas, then gets frustrated because I have started none of them. Sam helps me channel this and so far this has made the business a big success in the early days..This brings me on to the beginning of the life of and why I am starting this blog.

Why am I blogging?

Having a 16year old and a 1year old takes it’s toll, but working from home at the same time is another story. When things were bad, financially bad I mean, we seriously did not have a clue how to get back on the  road and start breaking even again. We were in debt and my other business was not working and had not taken off the way I thought it would have. On top of that there was the breaded onset of worry and stress.

2014-07-09 19.46.20

A wee story…

What changed was this….Mum came to stay (she still lives in Scotland with the rest of my family) and we got talking about her business. She and her partner have been extremely successful in the card making industry on Ebay and Amazon, selling up to 50 cards daily. Here’s an example of the type of thing she does – HANDMADE CARDS BY VEE. We looked at their model and thought why not.. Let’s give it a go. So we started. Designed a few plaques. Sourced materials (on Ebay) and bought 10 of everything we needed. [one of the lessons I learned through mistakes, is start really small.. Test the water, as they say]. I hate doing this because it’s not in my nature but I didn’t have a choice.. We had no money!

We put them on Ebay and Amazon and they sold.. We added more.. . And they sold. 6 months in and we are still selling and more importantly growing.. Which is also the perfect time to start blogging and take everyone on our journey.

2014-07-20 15.03.43

What I’ll be blogging about..

This blog will talk about 2 areas for the moment:

  1. Working from home  and the pros and cons of having a young family when trying to grow your home based business
  2. Food for the family- what we eat and what we feed Eddison as he grows up.

Please get involved

I would love to hear about your stories and experiences – both business and family. Write in, contact me, or comment on the blogs that are to follow if you find them interesting.

I hope this gives you a taster of the family business and the lead up to current days events. If you have any questions or want to know more just comment below :)

Look out for my next blog and please share with your friends on Your social media streams. Plus one final thing. Like our Facebook page and you can see loads of gift ideas related to our crafts business Little Miss Scrabbled.

Are you in the same position? Work from home with 2 kids?..

Speak soon



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