Our 20 week pregnancy scan

We’ve made it to 20 weeks and 20 more to go.

It’s time for our 20 week pregnancy scan.

We get to the hospital and get to the reception desk. Tell the receptionist Sam’s name and she looks at us with a blank expression.

“Your name is not on the list”

Now normally we can deal with this, but when their has been so many mistakes with this an previous pregnancies – enough was enough.

What had happened was our midwife (one of them – as they are on rotation out in the community) had phoned up telling the Scan department to cancel the scan because Sam had miscarried!

If any of you have gone through a miscarriage you know that it’s certainly no funny matter and on many  an occasion I have wondered what the NHS are playing at with their procedures when dealing with such an horrific event but anyway…

WE have not miscarried and were told we had ?? Our 20 week pregnancy scan  = Important and it had been cancelled….

We got the scan however and here is the picture – not the best pic but at least the Sonographer was really nice and he explained everything he was looking at and for..2014-11-14 14.00.01

Sam’s bump is really prominent as well at 20 weeks – Take a look:

2014-11-14 15.38.38 2014-11-14 15.38.46


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2014-11-13 13.01.41

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