professional photo backdrop

How To Create a Cheap DIY Photography Backdrop For Photo Shoot

professional photo backdrop

Professional Photo Backdrop

Use this tutorial if you are looking at creating a professional photo backdrop cheaply, quickly and easily or needing to create portable photo backdrop style effects for your home based Product Business.

What you will need:

1 – A Table Top or Flat Surface

2 – A Box to Prop Your Prop Up with

3 – Two sheets of Wall Paper, at least 1 metre in length

4 – Three clips or clamps

5 – Large piece of CardBoard

Step 1:

Get your table top or flat surface, and put down a large sheet of cardboard down. The sheet of cardboard needs to be large enough to put the 1 metre of wallpaper on, as well as a good width so it can span the whole photo. You want the whole background to stay the same so make sure the cardboard sheet is large enough to accommodate this.

Step 2:

Put a sheet of wallpaper over the whole top surface of the cardboard making sure to cover the whole surface, even including the corners.

Step 3:

Get your 3 clamps and clamp: the top left corner, the bottom left corner, and top right corner. Pull the wallpaper so it’s stay’s tight.

Step 4:

Push the piece of cardboard with clamped wallpaper so you have enough room on the table top or surface to put the second piece of wallpaper flat, and top fits underneath bottom of cardboard sheet.

Step 5:

Make sure you have adequate lighting, get your product or object you want take a photo of. Put your product on the bottom sheet of wallpaper so that you can see the wallpaper cardboard sheet in background.

Step 6:

Take the photo with backdrop, and product in frame.


You have made your own backdrop, and taken a professional excellent photo. Wasn’t that easy?


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