Space saver plaques for your home

We thought about writing this blog after talking to some of our customers who mentioned that ‘it would be worth looking into decorative plaques that could be put up onto the fridge’. Our first thought was – what a great Space Saver idea! So we made 1 – launched it and people love them.

Countdown plaques for the fridge

What makes these Fridge Magnet Plaques a nice addition to the kitchen is you can update the chalkboard as you are making breakfast, making dinner or making a cup of tea. Everybody passes the fridge and goes Into the kitchen throughout the day so it’s a perfect place to put a countdown plaque. Think up and coming weddings, a pregnancy gift, a holiday that you have been looking forward to because it’s the kids first time on an aeroplane. There are loads of things you can countdown to which will add more excitement and fun for the whole family. AND which make a fantastic original and personal gift!

Preparation of the plaques

At we make each and every plaque from scratch. And we have a wee system or production line for want of a better word…

We use a local tradesman to cut the MDF sheets into 6” by 3“ plaque pieces


I paint each plaque with the base colour

2014-09-11 13.49.43

Sam adds the all the embellishments

2014-05-31 22.33.57-2

Next up is the writing on each plaque and Sam is the talented one here. She customises each and every plaque to the meet the needs of our customers.


2014-09-10 11.55.59

Here are some examples of the Plaques on the Fridge

2014-09-10 18.34.49

You have to use your imagination and if there is something that you want I bet you we can make it for you. Just ask…

2014-09-10 18.35.05


The ideal personalised gift

So if you’re thinking of that one gift that you’ve been meaning to get your friend, husband, partner? Here’s more Plaque themes that could make ideal Fridge Magnets:

  • Days until our Family Holiday
  • Weeks till our baby arrives
  • Weeks and days ‘till our wedding day
  • Countdown to Christmas Day
  • Thank you gift plaque
  • Save the date plaque

Get in contact and ask any questions you need to to find out more..

Please get involved

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If you have any questions or want to give in your experiences please comment below :)

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Speak soon


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