The 3 Ss – how to buy perfect Personalised Gifts

You might be asking how does this all work on the website with regards to the following:

  • Finding the item I want

  • Ordering

  • Getting your item personalised

  • Shipping


We like to simplify it with the use of the three Ss….. S. S. S.



  3. SEND


I need screen shots of the website here for the different sections

Search for the item you want in our extensive catalogue of plaques, frames and hearts. You can search by Occasion or by category so it’s real easy to find what you are looking for.

Screenshot 2015-02-19 16.20.29

Select the plaque, frame etc.and click add to cart. This will take you to the shopping cart area. You need to enter your details so that we know who you are and where to ship the product. The good thing about this is that you can send the ‘gift’ straight to a friend or relative. Let us know and we’ll attach a note to tell them it’s from you.

Screenshot 2015-02-19 16.21.22Screenshot 2015-02-19 16.21.37

Send us a message once you’ve ordered with the details that you want on the item. This can be done in 2 ways. The first is to leave a note at the checkout area with the information and the second is to contact us via the ‘contact us’ pages both ways are perfectly fine to use. Each product page will tell you what information you need to send us and if there is something else you want on there all you need to do is put it in writing and we will try to accommodate.

Screenshot 2015-02-19 16.56.34 Screenshot 2015-02-19 16.56.50

We then create and send out to you. It’s as simple as S. S. S.

I hope this has helped you guys understand how easy it is to get the Personal Gifts you are looking for.

All  the Best


Little Miss Scrabbled

The Onesie – Dad’s best friend!

2014-09-10 14.20.28 Before I start with this blog, I need to point out that I’m not fashion conscience at all and I don’t think about clothes 24hours a day.. I am writing this blog because this piece of clothing has made my life so much easier before ,during and after certain occasions and activities.

When you have a child time disappears before your eyes. Things that took 1-2 minutes in the past now take 15-20 minutes. Getting your baby changed is one of those time consuming moments – especially as they begin to MOVE MORE..

Below are a couple of reasons why I am thankful ‘Aunty Lisa’ bought Eddison his onesie.


I take Eddison swimming on a Sunday morning to give Sam a lie in. I give him his breakfast and get prepared before we go and he loves it. Watch out for my blog on swimming for babies.. It’s an eye opener. If any of you dads has taken your child swimming on your own, you will know that the fun begins when you come out of the pool.

  • Showering and washing

  • Drying them

  • Drying yourself

  • You need to get changed

  • You need to change them

  • Hair drying

  • Tidying everything away and remembering everything

This is where the onesie has it’s day. It is so easy to slip on and there is one zip at the front it’s perfect. I normally head straight home so it’s a case of nappy on, onesie on and in the car. Eddison goes for a sleep in the car = Job Done!

The safety Piece of clothing


Spillages at parties
Messiness at the dinner table 

Imagine you are out and the inevitable happens and it’s potentially change of clothes time or wait until you get home because you haven’t brought a change of clothes. We bring the onesie in the car, pram, changing bag… Because it’s a life saver that can be thrown on quickly anywhere and it looks kinda cool as well.

A tip when buying the onesie. Buy it too big.. Your child grows quickly so they can grow into it over time..
Eddison got his 8 months ago and it just about fits him perfectly now.

2014-08-30 14.31.21 2014-09-15 15.00.50

Quick quick we need to get out!

(Nipping to Tescos, Sainsburys, the post office)

Those moments of madness when you so many things to get sorted.

E.g. he’s tired and we go for a walk.

2014-09-06 15.03.00 2014-09-11 17.23.27 2014-09-10 14.20.28

So there we have it! The Onesie! Man’s / Dad’s best friend!

Get yours soon! You will thank me for it!

Which Buggy would you choose? Comfort or Fashion..

It’s Buggy Time…So many to choose from…



When we were pregnant with Eddison the time came to choose a buggy.

Lucky enough we had been visiting friends in Oundle, a beautiful part of England with lovely walks and forest trails. This gave me the knowledge of the types of activities and terrain would be using the Buggy for. But if it hadn’t been for this experience, I would not have even thought about the different needs we have for our ‘buggy’.

The choice of buggies was unbelieveable – different shapes, sizes, colours and most importantly prices.

My question to you parents out there is:

“How did you choose your buggy”

Some people go with the fashion and look for the number 1 make .. For example the ……. ICandy  I am not putting any of these other makes down but for me they didn’t fit the criteria I had…

This blog outlines my input on how we chose our buggy and what we looked for in a buggy.

Other people go for the look and colour of the buggy… I took it a little further.. PRACTICALITY WISE

This is how I tackled the question in hand..

First – what exactly did I need to use the buggy for? Now, we love going for walks and when we are visiting friends this can be over rough ground and so we needed something that would absorb shock and be comfortable to push.

I don’t agree on spending over the odds on a buggy either because I feel the companies are praying of the emotions of young families at a special time of their life’s and know they want the ‘best’ for their new born to be. But on the whole it was the ease of travel – getting up and down kerbs, bumps, going over rough ground. This was the main objective.

So for me here are the list of no nos:

Small wheels – for me they are a waste of time. It’s worth adding there that we have a stroller for around town and in the shopping centres. But for going out walking small wheels not the best. Cross country is just not going to happen.

images (1)

These wheels are too small for going on country walks


There can’t be much comfort for the little one if you are trying to walk across uneven rough terrain.

Look at this buggy trying to navigate across a pebbled ground.

Shape – not too upright, fragile looking

Cost – £400 was the limit for us – if we had to spend that much… And that was with the knowledge that my Dad was paying for it!

The end product We went for was the Mothercare (,default,sc.html?view=grid ) own brand ‘xtreme’. 3 large wheels, very easy to manoevere (I can turn this buggy round 360degrees with one hand). £200!

£200…. Brand new and it was and still is amazing. Thanks dad by the way :)

Check out how good this buggy is at travelling around corners..

I use it all the time and love the swivel wheel at the front for quick turns. I know that not everyone will agree and I would love to hear why you made your purchase and the reasons behind it so we can gather as much information for new families. Please comment below and let’s get together a list of reasons why we buy what we buy.

On reflection and talking to expert Julie from WOT Fitness

( ), Enfield is that the buggy was perfect for me but the handles for Sam are too high. The ultimate buggy therefore would be the same but with adjustable height handles. This is all to do with posture when you walk with the buggy. We have another blog on posture coming up soon which I will link to this blog once it’s written.

To recap, if you are the person who loves their walks is physical and will use their buggy in the outdoors. You might live in huge countryside or go to the countryside for visits – you need to get the big wheeled machines.

Take a look…The wheels below are just too small..

2014-09-28 12.17.10 2014-09-28 12.17.23


This size is better in my opinion.

2014-09-24 12.35.43 2014-09-24 12.36.14

If you are that person who will walk along the high street, maybe to a park or two with pretty flat ground- it’s your choice small wheels won’t be a hindrance.

I hope this has helped you guys out there thinking of purchasing. It seems like a trivial subject but it is not. A lot of money is involved and it is a purpose driven purchase, so think ‘will I need this buggy to do for me?’

Sam’s Morning sickness

15 weeks into it

(the pregnancy)

and I still feel sorry for sam..

she’s had terrible morning sickness which does leave me wondering if it’s a girl..? Any truth in that old wife’s tale? Comments below please….

Does having heavy bouts of morning sickness edge the bets more towards there being a girl or not?

That would be a no according to ….

Check out this Morning sickness YouTube clip

So… Morning sickness boy or girl ?

That is the question..

Anyway Thank goodness the worst is over, fingers crossed though because they do say that morning sickness normally dies down after your first trimester… So let’s hope..

How did you mums out there get on with morning sickness. ?.. would be Interesting to find out numbers of mums out there who had and didn’t have morning sickness.

Here is a couple of stats for you…

Up to 85 percent of pregnant women experience morning sickness. Doctors believe rapidly rising levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, which is released by the placenta, cause the symptoms, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Taken from  –

Thoughts on a Postcard guys and girls… Would be good to hear from you.


On another note please get involved……

I would love to hear about your stories and experiences – both business and family. Write in, contact me, or comment on the blogs that are to follow if you find them interesting.

If you have any questions or want to know more just comment below:)

Look out for my next blog and please share with your friends on Your social media streams. Plus one final thing. Like our Facebook page and you can see loads of gift ideas related to our crafts business Little Miss Scrabbled.

Speak soon




So…Let the Countdown Begin #babybump

Right guys I wanted to include you all in the countdown to ‘baby bump’ being due so we made a special edition ‘Double Heart Countdown plaque’? You may have seen this in the previous blog but it’s now official. We decided on a magnet plaque because we are always passing the kitchen. This makes it easier to update and also more fun looking at it whilst cooking etc.

2014-09-26 16.54.17

So, we have 27 weeks till kick off ( Well it’s actually 26 now because of the problem we had uploading the blog to the website last week..) anyway as you can see we’ve made it interesting by putting a guessing section so that the family can take part as well.

And here’s where you can take part too!

Read on….

We’ve guessed the following:

  • The weight of the baby
  • The date baby will be born
  • If it’s a boy or a girl

So Little miss Scrabbled (Sam and I) want to play a game with you guys…

                  ‘Guess the weight game’

How it works is simple. You click on the link below giving your guess of the weight. The person closest to the actual weight will win a free plaque of their choice from the website.

It gets better.. When you enter the weight, if you add your guess of boy or girl and date AND you get this right too, we will give you a voucher to spend up to £25 on our website… FREE!

To recap (teacher talk) – join in and guess the WEIGHT ‘baby bump’ will be. The closest number will win a FREE plaque of their choice. IF you guess ALL three correctly… Weight, date, sex…YOU will WIN £25 worth of Little Miss Scrabbled products. In the event of a draw I think we will toss a coin or i’m sure Sam will know how to work out the winner.

Let the games begin haha…

REMEMBER you must click on the link below and we can then see all the guesses.. And so can you..



On another note please get involved……

I would love to hear about your stories and experiences – both business and family. Write in, contact me, or comment on the blogs that are to follow if you find them interesting.

If you have any questions or want to know more just comment below:)

Look out for my next blog and please share with your friends on Your social media streams. Plus one final thing. Like our Facebook page and you can see loads of gift ideas related to our crafts business Little Miss Scrabbled.

Speak soon



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