8 TOP Handmade Teacher Gifts to Give The Best Teacher Ever!

Handmade Teacher Gifts

1 – Teacher Gift Help Me Grow Flower Pot

personalised teacher gifts

Now I love these handmade teacher gifts idea, but I am going to make a suggestion that will make it, in my opinion even better! So what is it? It’s a Flowerpot that has been jazzed up and made to say thank you to the best teacher in the world. And the beauty of it is you need to get the plant pot. The idea is that you personalise your teacher gift by putting writing onto the pot. Choose a metal one for the next thing I am about to tell you and you have your materials…. Expect the following:

In the blog post they tell you to use cut vinyl to make your teacher thank you gift. The way I would make this personalised teacher gift is to go out and buy a sharpie pen. This link takes you to Tesco.com where they are currently £5 for 12. Once you have the pen you can work with your child to write on and design the ‘Help me grow Flower Pot’. Get creative and remember that the sharpie pens are PERMANENT so you get one shot at the writing.

2 – Teacher Gift Crayon Mason Jar Gift

personalised teacher gifts

I just love the look and simplicity of this Personalised Teacher Gifts Mason Jar! To complete this Gifts for Teacher project you will need.

  • A box of Crayola Crayons
  • Jam Jar
  • Hot Glue Gun (this isn’t a must but good to have)

IT takes appropriately 24 crayons to cover the jar so be prepared. Work around the jar leaving time for the glue to stick well before moving onto the crayon. Line the glue up onto the jar then place the crayon firmly onto it. My tip would be to have something in place so that the jar doesn’t move around when the glue is drying. Makes a lovely pencil holder for your personalised teacher gift.

3 – Best Teacher DIY Cute Apple Jar 

personalised teacher giftsThis is one of the easier DIY teacher gift projects you can do. Should take around 15 minutes to do and you will need a jam jar or jar of your choice. See the example in the link. The only issue with this little project is that you need a few bits and bobs to complete it like paint and brushes, green paper , scissors and glue etc. I suggest taking a good look at the blog on this to get an idea. My opinion is to improvise with the things you have in the house or to stock up on the crafty things you need then look at other little projects you can do with your children that use the same materials.

Personalise your handmade teacher gifts with the colours of your school to really make an impact and sign it underneath with your name so they remember you forever.



4 – How To Make a Book Page Apple

personalised teacher gifts

This project is really clever but not for really young children to do themselves. You as the adult will need to do most of the work here…However, I think it makes a lovely gift for your teacher, once complete.

To make your handmade teacher gifts you will need:

  • An old book – Paperback
  • An Exacto Knife
  • pencil
  • hot glue or glue

Click on the link above to find out how to make your end of year present for the best teacher in the world! Send in a photo of this one to us on our social media channels as well if you want. It would be great to see your final finished teacher gift designs!

Why not try a different shape…Does it need to be an apple?

5 – Best Teacher Survival Kit

personalised teacher gifts

When reviewing all these blogs we came across this really simple ‘Teacher Survival Kit’. This is perfect for busy parents to do with their kids! You need to buy a few bits and bobs to fill the metal pot…Buy the pot as well, if you don’t have one. Take a look at the blog for ideas and below I have some different ways you can make this teacher present your own!

  1. Add Ribbon and wrap the gift in clear cellophane style wrapping. Tie a nice bow and off we go!
  2. use the Sharpie pens from the blogs above and sign the underneath of the teacher gift pot with your name and date.
  3. Add a dash of colour and paint your own pot – similar to the painted jar idea above.

6 – Grow a Garden

personalised teacher gifts

A lovely gift idea if you know that your teacher is into gardening BUT my tip is to check first. A young teacher wouldn’t necessarily enjoy this sort of gift..? I do love the end of year gift idea from the guys at The IDEA Room which involves you collecting the following things to start with! And I know what you might be thinking here..It’s a lot of preparation = Yes, however handmade and personalised is the theme so crack on and be inspired.

  • Pot or Container (I used a small pail)
  • Old Dictionary Pages (to cover the pail)
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Miracle Gro Moisture Mix Potting Soil
  • Succulents
  • Miracle Gro Cactus and Succulent Plant Food

Following there instructions on the website above and as I always say you don’t always have to stick to the plan..Use your imagination. There is one thing however, that I love from the website. The statement below taken straight from the IDEA ROOM site!

“If you are giving this as a gift to a teacher you can print out this fun little label “Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that will grow forever!” 

With this you can do your own thing and make your own message. You can again use the pens you might bough in the previous craft blogs above and handwrite your own message.

7- DIY Best Teacher Gift Bag

handmade teacher gifts

Easy, simple and quick! those are the 3 words that I would use for this gift. There is also so much you can do with the basic concept. You can really use your imagination here and think of new and exciting things to do to the bag and put into the plastic Bag. Take a look at the website for the basics then go it alone…That’s what I would do.

8 – Teacher Gifts – The Ultimate Ruler Basket for Books

handmade teacher gifts

I have left the last creative project to be a cracker and a challenge that your teacher will never forget and probably use for most of their teaching career. Well I would if I was your teacher. This one has a difficulty level of 8 out of 10. It also requires you to find or buy a good few wooden rulers and would best suit handy families. Just my opinion. The safety element needs to be thought through as well e.g. hammers nails etc. Have a read through the website at Kara’s Creative Place and see if you are up for the challenge to make the ultimate handmade teacher gifts …..

Looking for some Professional and Handmade Teacher Gifts to give to the best teacher in the whole world? Here is a selection of ones by MadeAt94.com.

teaching assistant gift thank you teacher gifts gifts for teachers presents for teachers

sanding mdf

Sanding MDF – Do I really need to do it when Painting?

Sanding MDF


Sanding MDF doesn’t require a great deal of preparation before you paint but after you get that first coat on and if you want to create fantastic looking and long-lasting MDF furniture, you need to sand your MDF board before applying that second coat.

Before you start applying a primer or first coat, you prepare the MDF with a light sanding. Try using a around 120 grit sanding sheet.

The first coat of paint once dried is slightly gritty but this is easily smoothed with light sanding..Sanding MDF will allow the primer and paint to sit well on the surface.


When you start sanding please make sure the room you use is fully ventilated and you should make sure that you wear eye protection, such as goggles and a face mask.


Make sure that after you have sanded the surface you clear all of the dust away. If any loose dust particles are left behind, it can affect the application of the paint, so keep the area clean.



sanding mdfMany people don’t use sanding blocks when sanding. They tend to grab the sand paper and off they go. Tradesmen are the worst offenders because they need the job done as quick as possible and grab the nearest piece of sandpaper to get the job done. The fact is the reason we sand is to (usually) try and get the surface as flat and smooth as possible so using a sanding block is a must have.. Your hand will never be 100% flat on the surface of the MDF so the MDF won’t become equal in smoothness.

I like to use good quality, very fine sandpaper like 220 or 240 grit. MDF doesn’t have directional wood grain so you can sand in any direction. Only apply light pressure when sanding MDF. Try 


Here are a few plaques that have been sanded and prepared with paint. You can clearly see the professional finish to them and this would not have happened if we had not sanded in between coats.

check out our full video on 5 Things You Must Do When Working with MDF



5 Things You Must Do When Working With MDF


MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is not expensive, It’s durable and a great suggestion when doing many woodworking, carpentry and craft projects. For more information about the actual make up of MDF wood vist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medium-density_fibreboard However, MDF can be very dangerous! There’s a great article on the issues surrounding Sanding MDF and Cutting MDF wood, with the ways to solve these problems both  in the video and explained below in this blog.


1. Wearing a Face Mask with MDF

If you clicked on the link above you’d see that the dust reason WHY you must wear a face mask when working with MDF is simply because of the dust particles that are released in the air when we sand MDF or cut MDF wood. If that gets into your lungs, over time this could cause respiratory problems to occur.

According to the Guardian Online (Link HERE to the article) and Mick Holder, of the independent advisory service London Hazards, gas emissions from new MDF furniture could cause ill health.

‘If there is poor ventilation in a house or the inhabitants suffer from certain allergies or chemical sensitivities, we believe the formaldehyde emitted, although in a very small amount, can cause serious ill health,’ he said.

I also more often than not open the garage door and work close to the exit point where the air is purer and alongside having my mask on!


2. Wearing Goggles with MDF

Wearing Goggles, for me is a no brainer. There is dust in the air as we know and that dust can get into the eyes of any MDF Man or Woman. The goggles protect your eyes from the direct contact with the dust and once more prevent the long term issues that could arise. It’s also generally good practice to wear goggles when using any wood type for your projects. Get into a good habit and it becomes second nature to be safe.


3. Clothing and MDF with Children

Imagine if your kids developed lung problems because you didn’t have the sense at the time (each time) to keep your Dusty clothes away from them when they were very young children / babies. The next point is to clean your clothes regularly and keep them away from young children if you have been using MDF Medium-density fibreboard .


4. Tidy your Work Surface after working with MDF

Following my point above, the easiest thing to do is get into a routine of cleaning your area when you finish your cutting or sanding. Use a hoover then empty it out in your outside bin. Make sure and wear a face mask and goggles when emptying the contents of the sanded or when cutting out.


5. How to paint MDF


Painting MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard isn’t the easiest of tasks. This is because after coating your MDF board, the paint dries really quickly meaning it can dry uneven and blotchy..

The surface is very porous, meaning when you paint directly onto the surface, the paint is soaked in quickly.

Once you have applied one coat of primer or emulsion paint, it is a good idea to give the surface a very light sanding down. Then remove any dust and remember to WEAR MASK

Overall Benefits of Using MDF

Perfect for any home project with wood. as it works perfectly as a surface for:

  • It’s  not as expensive than other wood types like timber
  • You can buy it in many different sizes so it can fit in your car!
  • Itcan be curved easily without splitting or cracking in it has many different thicknesses. This makes it great for hobby work.
  • Unless subjected to loads of water penetration, it will not expand and contract, as normal timber would do- again making this great to work with.
  • If you have primed the wood, and sanded, MDF is then very easy to paint onto as there is no grain or varying surface texture

So there we have it! if you have any questions or comments leave them in the space below.

Interested in photographing your products / creations after they are finished? Look at our ‘How to create a professional backdrop’.




surprise for father's day

Upcoming Gifts Will Make A Great Surprise For Father’s Day


Surprise For Father’s Day

Want to give your father a great surprise for father’s day? Then give your father a gift to remember with one of our new, and exciting upcoming fathers day gifts. We have many new fathers day personalised gifts ranging from our card candy range to our cream coloured love heart gifts. Here are 7 new products to help spruce up your fathers desktop or even for him to hang in his Man Cave.

1. We Love Our Daddy with Two Small Purple Hearts

surprise for father's day

The first new gift we have for fathers day is this lovely cream love heart plaque. The text reads “We Love Our Daddy From Aiden & Vinnie xxxx”. It features two small purple love hearts, and hanging twine is included. The names at the bottom of the plaque where it reads “Charlie & Max” can be personalised by you to include any name you can think of.

2. Daddy I Love You More Than All The Stars Above

surprise for father's day

Our second new upcoming surprise for father’s day is this cream love heart plaque with the text “Daddy I Love You More Than All The Stars Above Love Poppy”. It features four small silver stars, and includes free hanging twine. The name at the bottom of the plaque where it reads “Love Poppy” can be personalised by you too.

3. Daddy’s Like You Are Precious & Few

surprise for father's day

Our third plaque reads “Daddy’s Like You Are Precious & Few Love Oscar x”. This plaque is part of our card candy range which is very popular at the moment. It features four small silver stars, and includes free hanging twine. The name at the bottom of the plaque where it reads “Love Poppy” can be personalised by you to include any name you can think of.

4. Dads Like You Are Precious & Few Silver Heart

surprise for father's day

Our fourth plaque displays the text “Dads Like You Are Precious & Few Love Sarah x”. It features a small silver love heart on a cream plaque with dotted line border. It includes free hanging twine as well! The name at the bottom of the plaque where it reads “Love Sarah x” can be personalised by you to include include your daughters or sons name.

5. Happiness is….

surprise for father's day

5. This magnificent fifth plaque reads “Happiness is…. Daddy Hugs Love Thomas”. The center point for this coffee coloured plaque is the diamond at the bottom, and the two small red buttons. Another great feature of this plaque is the free hanging twine which is also included. Also the text at the bottom where it reads “Love Thomas” can be personalised by you to include a name of your choosing.

6. I love my daddy

surprise for father's day

6. Our sixth plaque reads “I Love My Daddy Love Lauren x” where the word love is, is replaced with a small red love heart. Also two small silver love hearts can be found in the top right hand corner for an added personal touch. This cream love heart can be personalised by you to include a name of your choosing. Just like all our other plaques, this plaque also includes free hanging twine.

7. Happy 1st Father’s Day 2017

surprise for father's day

Our final upcoming fathers day plaque reads “Happy 1st Father’s Day 2017 Love Teddy”, and includes four little blue diamonds which are divided into two at either side of “2017′.  At the bottom can be seen one small silver love heart as well. To hang it on the wall or in your bedroom we have provided free hanging twine.

We hope you enjoyed our upcoming plaques for fathers day in 2017, and you can be assured that your father will definitely get a surprise for father’s day when you get him a unique gift for fathers day.


















professional photo backdrop

How To Create a Cheap DIY Photography Backdrop For Photo Shoot

professional photo backdrop

Professional Photo Backdrop

Use this tutorial if you are looking at creating a professional photo backdrop cheaply, quickly and easily or needing to create portable photo backdrop style effects for your home based Product Business.

What you will need:

1 – A Table Top or Flat Surface

2 – A Box to Prop Your Prop Up with

3 – Two sheets of Wall Paper, at least 1 metre in length

4 – Three clips or clamps

5 – Large piece of CardBoard

Step 1:

Get your table top or flat surface, and put down a large sheet of cardboard down. The sheet of cardboard needs to be large enough to put the 1 metre of wallpaper on, as well as a good width so it can span the whole photo. You want the whole background to stay the same so make sure the cardboard sheet is large enough to accommodate this.

Step 2:

Put a sheet of wallpaper over the whole top surface of the cardboard making sure to cover the whole surface, even including the corners.

Step 3:

Get your 3 clamps and clamp: the top left corner, the bottom left corner, and top right corner. Pull the wallpaper so it’s stay’s tight.

Step 4:

Push the piece of cardboard with clamped wallpaper so you have enough room on the table top or surface to put the second piece of wallpaper flat, and top fits underneath bottom of cardboard sheet.

Step 5:

Make sure you have adequate lighting, get your product or object you want take a photo of. Put your product on the bottom sheet of wallpaper so that you can see the wallpaper cardboard sheet in background.

Step 6:

Take the photo with backdrop, and product in frame.


You have made your own backdrop, and taken a professional excellent photo. Wasn’t that easy?


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