asking to marry ideas

Asking To Marry Ideas | How To Ask A Girl To Marry You?

Asking To Marry Ideas | How To Ask A Girl To Marry You?

Asking To Marry Ideas

If you are thinking of some; asking to marry ideas for that special girl in your life, then you will find the below 8 steps an incredible asset!

asking to marry ideas

1. Talk To Her About Marriage Ahead Of Time

If you are thinking of asking a girl to marry you its always best to talk to her about marriage ahead of time so that there are no surprises when you ask the important question. Asking about marriage a head of time is also great for getting the both of you prepared for the many events that are yet to come.

asking to marry ideas

2. Get Tips From Her Best Friend/Mother

Its always good to get tips a head of time from your girlfriends mother or friends before you propose for vital tips, for the requirements your girlfriend may have mentioned in the past. Your girlfriends mother or friends will probably have some great tips which could really help you for your engagements plans like choosing a public or private proposal?

asking to marry ideas

3. Ask Permission From Her Father

It’s always best to ask for permission from your girlfriends Father before asking your girlfriend to marry you. One of the great reasons for doing this is to get his approval which will look great in the eyes of your girlfriend!

asking to marry ideas

4. Choosing Between A Public And Private Proposal

Depending on what you were able to learn from the hints your girlfriends mother or friends told you, you should be able to work out what would work best for your girlfriend. Don’t worry if you didn’t find this out because generally public proposals have always worked best for me. A nice restaurant which the two of you have been to before, will always be a good option because your girlfriend will feel relaxed, and more likely to say yes in a familiar setting.

asking to marry ideas

5. Picking Out The Ring

Picking the ring for your proposal needs to be able to fit into your budget, and yet stun her by it’s incredible beauty. Some girls prefer rubies, sapphires, emeralds or diamonds. If your girlfriends mother or friends did not mention the type of ring that your soon to be fiancé would like, then it’s always safe to get a girl a gold diamond ring. The diamond does not have to be large, and smaller diamonds are quite reasonably priced to fit in with your budget too.

asking to marry ideas

6. Write Down And Practice Your Speech

It always pays to write down your speech, and practice before proposing to your soon-to-be fiancé because you really do not want to forget what to say to her on your special occasion.

asking to marry ideas

7. The Little Details

Remembering the little details like not kneeling down until the end of your proposal speech, adds a nice personal touch to the proposal which only you would know.

asking to marry ideas

8. Breathe Slowly And Relax

Now is the time to breath slowly, relax, and propose your speech to your soon-to-be fiancé. Don’t get flustered because you have done the practice beforehand. Just speak to her like a really good friend, kneel down at the end of your speech, and say “Will you marry me?”

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asking to marry ideas

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ways of proposing to a girl

Ways Of Proposing To A Girl | How To Propose To A Girl I Love?

Ways Of Proposing To A Girl | How To Propose To A Girl I Love?

Ways Of Proposing To A Girl

If you want some ways of proposing to a girl that you love, then here are some tips:

1. Be Yourself

Proposing to a girl, always works best if you just be yourself. She loves you for being the person that you are, and not someone else. The girl you love might not think you are serious if you start acting like someone she does not recognise in order for her to marry you. If you just be yourself then you won’t get flustered when it comes time to proposing.

2. Know your Girl and Propose Accordingly

Every girl is different, and not all are the same so a girl may like it if you propose to her in a special way. This could either be in a public place or in a private place. She might have given you a hint as to if she is a private person or likes public places so propose accordingly.

3. Make Special Plans

Making special plans for the girl are going to propose to is always a great idea. This could be something as simple as making a booking at your favourite restaurant, planning a picnic at the park, or even just making sure that the beach is nice, and quite for you to propose to her.

4. Buy a special gift for her

Every girl always has some favourite thing they really enjoy. This could be a box of chocolates, some red roses, or something they have really wanted for a long time, like some new accessories.

5. Proposing in a unique way

Once you have done all the above steps it i now time to propose to your girl. It always pays to propose to a girl in a unique way so she does not anticipate what is going to happen. You could either make the lead up to the proposal long or make it short, and quick. Either way only you would now the best unique way to propose because you know your girl best. Practice your proposal speech ahead of time so your not flustered if you forget what to say but maybe this could be your unique way of proposing.

Remember the worst thing that could happen is that your girl could say “No, I do not want to marry you”. In which case this means, that she is not ready yet to get married so all you need to do is just work on your relationship, and give her time.


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engagement ideas

Engagement Ideas | How Do You Get Engaged To Your Girlfriend?

Engagement Ideas | How Do You Get Engaged To Your Girlfriend?

Engagement Ideas

Want to know some great engagement ideas on how do you get engaged to your girlfriend? Well in this post we discuss the top 5 engagement ideas!

engagement ideas

1. Picking The Ring

If you want to get engaged to your girlfriend it’s always great to get a ring beforehand so you don’t get embarrassed when she asks you “so where is the ring”. Each girl is different when it comes to engagement rings but generally a safe option is to get her a diamond engagement ring. The sound of diamonds might come to a shock to you because they are often thought of being very expensive but just like a budget, diamonds come in all sizes. A small diamond engagement ring is relatively inexpensive these days, so you should be able to get one at a reasonable price.

engagement ideas

2. How To Ask Her Parents

After getting the engagement ring, the next step is how to ask her parents that you want to get married to their daughter. Generally the traditional way would be at to ask them at a family dinner, where you would just wait for a quite moment in the conversation, and ask then. Alternatively if you are a shy person, you could try a more contemporary approach, and just message them on Facebook.

engagement ideas

3. How to Know If You’re at the Right Point In Your Relationship

If you have been with your girlfriend for a number of years, she should let you know by giving you certain hints like “My girlfriend just got engaged. I wonder when we will get engaged”. This would be a sure sign that your girlfriend is ready to get engaged.

engagement ideas

4. When, and Where

Everyone is different so an engagement proposal of when, where, and how might entirely different to your circumstance. The when should be a special time you spent together doing something special like the date of your first kiss, and the where could be a special place that you both enjoy going to like at a certain spot on a beach.

engagement ideas

5. How To Actually Do The Proposal

For a proposal to work correctly you should have a speech that you have remembered, the ring that you decided that she would like, your girlfriends parents approval, and a special place to propose to her at. Be a gentleman to her, treat her nice, make your speech, then kneel down on one knee, and say “Will you marry me”. Then show her the ring that you brought for her. Make sure not to forget the ring because it’s one of the most important parts of the proposal.


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engagement ideas

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adorable ways to propose

Adorable Ways To Propose | How Do I Go About Getting Engaged?

Adorable Ways To Propose | How Do I Go About Getting Engaged?

Adorable Ways To Propose

When it comes to going about getting engaged, generally there are 5 adorable ways to propose when getting engaged. Here are those 5 stages a girl will go through:

1. Dropping Hints

Men will generally drop hints that they want to get engaged. They can drop these hints at any time of day, and any day of the week so be ready. They will drop hints like “do you want to got to my cousins wedding?” or “I guess we could get married after college?” These are all sure signs that they want to get engaged, all you got to say is “yes!”

2. Planning and Dreaming Stage

After you have got your boyfriend suggesting on a daily basis that he want’s to get married. You can now start planning, and dreaming. You can start by checking out the great Pinterest wedding boards, and adding them to your brand new wedding board. Then you can start planning, who will be coming to the wedding, and other such details.

3. Waiting Phase

The waiting phase is knowing you are getting engaged but you just need to wait. Your Pinterest board is growing every day, you are talking to your parents about potential bridesmaids, checking your boyfriends pockets for a ring he might be hiding. You are also getting very excited because any day now your boyfriend could be asking you “do you want to get married”

4. The Proposal

This could be any day now but you should be looking out for common signs. These common signs will be things like him asking you “Do you want to go somewhere” or “I want to show you something special”. Finally this is the day you have been waiting for. He takes you to one of your special places, you have a nice meal, he makes his speech, he bends down on one knee, and reveals the ring to you. He says to you what you have been waiting to hear “Will you marry me?” and you say “Yes!”

5. The Honeymoon Stage

You are finally engaged, and you are wearing your engagement. You have changed you relationship status on social media, you have been telling your friends that he is more than a boyfriend now, you have been showing your new engagement ring to all of your associates, and friends. You have changed your wallpaper on your phone to a photo of your boyfriend, but you are really waiting for the real honeymoon now.


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adorable ways to propose

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How do you propose to a girl? The Top 5 places in Italy to Propose

You’re all set. You’ve made your mind up..You’re about to plan your proposal! Let me stop you right there. Take a breath and take the best piece of advice a guy can give another guy:

  • Do your research
  • Plan early and plan every step of the proposal
  • Rehearse – sound weird to say but you need to get this spot on BECAUSE you’re girlfriend or boyfriend will remember what you did FOREVER + they will be obliged to tell others.

Once your set on Italy as the destination…take a look below and do your RESEARCH!

  1. Civita di Bagnoregio 

Image taken from

Of all the Italian towns i’ve visited, Civita di Bagnoregio is still my favourite. You may not have heard of this town however, this stunning little beauty has most certainly escaped the modern age and remained as pure as the day it was built..

In my opinion, out is at the top of the list when it comes to proposal destinations and surprise proposal spots.

The photographs of this top proposal destination do not do it justice even although they are stunning!

Image taken from

The Start of the Rest of your Life

The main passageway, is the only access point to the medieval town and NO CARS are allowed across which means you need to walk. But what a walk it is day or night! . Passing through the portal, you enter another world – quite honestly. You can feel history pouring from the cobblestones underneath your feet. Each lane and footpath holds a surprise around the corner.

The Proposal itself – What to do?

So my tip when proposing here is pick your spot and time of day as well. Day time is stunning with the views so if that’s what you are going for then great. The night time is, for me, extra special. The way I proposed here of course was follows – in bullet points to make it simpler.

Arrived during the day and checked into the hotel. The guy there was excellent, friendly and accommodating.

Go for a walk with your Fiancé to be.. check out the places that you can go down on one knee.

Go back and rest in the hotel. Get changed and go for dinner.

I waited until it got dark before I proposed to my girlfriend (now wife )

You could buy a Wedding Countdown Plaque and have this ready for the big moment. She can then see her Surname to be on their as well and start the countdown that evening. Oh and it’s a great way to announce your engagement.

Wedding Engagement Plaque

What I did when we left the Hotel room was pretend I had forgotten something, then I went back up and did the rose petals on the bed, chocolates by the beside table and other things that I will explain in more details with my next blog.

I picked a spot outside the church and across from our hotel to go down on one knee.

You can plan your own way that fits in with your personality but the one thing I would say is that you have 1 shot at this so savour every memory and every step that you do. Don’t rush it, enjoy it and do it well. Think it through in your head, rehearse it mentally and you will make this an unforgettable memory.

I should have put the link to the accomodation that we (I) chose..It may not look much, but trust me..It’s about setting and location.

2 Assisi

Photo from TripAdvisor

Photo from TripAdvisor

Most known as the birthplace of St. Francis, Italy’s Patron Saint. I feel the best way to research where to propose in Assisi is to look at a couple of the places highlighted below and to take a read of this Rick Steves Guide to Assisi

Trattoria Pallotta Assisi

Photo from TripAdvisor

The simple decor will make you feel a familiar embrace. Before you sit down at the table ask to visit the cellar discovered during the restoration work. Here you will find many regional labels and also a small selection of Italian wines, some of which are served by the glass

One of local people’s favourite restaurant… unique rabbits, pigeons dishes available… along with universal taste of beef, pork steaks and sausages…

Medioevo Ristorante

Photo taken from

It is not the result of an alchemy but the result of the products coming from vegetable gardens, farmyards, clear skies, fresh and clean water, hands used to rolling out the pasta dough… in one word, the treasure of Umbria. Umbria is the starting point of the trip we take to look for all these products born from the love for the good things. We prepare the food with love, joy and passion for your and our sake…because cooking is a way to bond with the rest of the world and to show our best part.

You could buy a Wedding Countdown Plaque and have this ready for the big moment. Go down in one knee pop the question and then give her the little keepsake countdown gift. She can then see her Surname to be on their as well and start the countdown that evening. Oh and it’s a great way to announce your engagement.

la Basilica di San Francesco by night

Photo taken from

3 Spoleto

Spoleto is another of the cities that I would have chosen to propose to my then girlfriend. This was the first stop on the weekend trip that I had planned for the warmup shall we say. And what a warm up it was. Stunning! And the hotel I am about to recommend is more than!

Hotel Gattapone

Photo taken from Get involved with this hotel even if you don’t propose here. Stunning views and the most romantic setting.

You will need to give yourself at least a day here and when you are here visit this restaurant where there is no menu and you get what you are given. The food is cooked by Mum and Son is the waiter. Proper Italy!! And not expensive at all. Osteria del Matto (put this in google translate as well – but don’t let it put you off) – Osteria del Matto

4 Orvieto

Also a lovely place to plan your proposal at. This hill town city is unimaginable when you are approaching it. All you see is a city within its own walls on a huge hill. Sometimes I feel you just need to take a look at the pictures below and make up your own mind. I don’t think, for me that it’s a place that I would stay at but propose I would. Check out the official website for a little more insight.

Photo taken from

5 Lake Trasimeno

A day or night trip ..We went straight from Perugia by car….stopped off for a coffee, right by the lake and it was amazing..Newly Engaged at this point. After the pit stop, we drove to Castiglione del Lago. Simply peaceful and tranquil. I would most certainly plan my wedding proposal at anyone of these lakeside towns. Or you could move further into the hills for a more typical Italian hilltop setting.

Photo taken from

If you do want to add something that little bit different to your proposal, head over to to pick a proposal announcement sign for you and your Husband / Wife to be.

wedding announcement signs

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